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Google's on-line science library? Maybe not.

>From the _Seattle Post-Intelligencer_, May 24, 2005.  


By Michael Liedike
The Associated Press

San Francisco - A group of academic publishers is challenging Google
Inc.'s plan to scan millions of library books into its Internet search
engine index, highlighting fears that the ambitious project will violate
copyrights and stifle future sales.

In a letter scheduled to be delivered to Google yesterday, the
Association of American University Presses described the online search
engine's library project as a troubling financial threat to its
membership - 125 non-profit publishers of academic journals and scholarly

The plan "appears to involve systematic infringment of copyright on a
massive scale," wrote Peter Givler, the executive director for the New
York-based trade group.


The association of non-profit publishers is upset because Google has
indicated that it will scan copyright-protected books from three
university libraries - Harvard, Michigan and Stanford".

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