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Re: "Meteor theory gets rocky ride from dinosaur expert"

In a message dated 5/26/2005 3:37:11 PM Eastern  Standard Time, 
bigelowp@juno.com writes:
<< Onshore, the Indian Ocean  tsunami reached a maximum height of 30-40 feet.
The primary wave from the  Chicxulub tsunami is estimated to have been
anywhere from 1/2 kilometer high  to one kilometer high. >>
For a blood-curdling  recreation of the event, see Doug Henderson's 
illustration on page 28 of his  book, _Asteroid Impact_. It takes a while to 
wrap your mind around this  frightening image. If you don't have the book, you 
can get it for as little as  $2.65 at Amazon.com
I wonder if Dr. Keller has a  copy?