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Re: Mollusk eating (was Re: Sauropod necks????)

K and T Dykes wrote:

There's a possible mammalian candidate from the Lower Cretaceous of
Australia.  I've been informed that the molars of Kollikodon (a weird
monotreme) might have worked well with a diet of shellfish.  Remains are
restricted to partial lower jaw, but it must have been from a relatively
large mammal for the time of Earth.  Unfortunately, I don't have a formal

Flannery, T., Archer, M., Rich, T.H. and Jones, R. (1995). A new family of monotremes from the Cretaceous of Australia. Nature 377: 418-420.

_Kollikodon ritchiei_ may have been around 1m long - a very rough estimate given that it's known only from a dentary (with some teeth still in place). We don't have any identifiable postcranial remains, so it's impossible to judge how specialized it was for swimming. The shellfish-eating idea comes from the shape of the teeth, which appear suitable for crushing shellfish.