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RE: Mollusk eating (was Re: Sauropod necks????)

Brian Lauret wrote:

If I'm not mistaken,the correct term for a mollusc-eater is 'conchivore' and the word you're looking for conchivory. :)

I've never heard of 'conchivore', but I believe the highly unimaginative term 'molluscivore' is more often applied to a mollusc-eater.

When Barsbold named _Conchiraptor_, he had all shelled molluscs in mind (Gk kogkhe, L. concha rather than just exotic undersea gastropods (conchs). Jaime is the resident expert on oviraptorosaurs; I'm not so sure the evidence for molluscivory in oviraptorosaurs is any more (or less) compelling than any other suggested diet for this group (predators; scavengers; herbivores; egg-eaters; etc etc).