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Re: Sauropod necks????

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From: "don ohmes" <d_ohmes@yahoo.com>
Sent: Sunday, May 22, 2005 12:13 AM

I like the idea of hydrilla or some aquatic weed with
similar interwined growth habit as a primary food
source. [...]

Hydrilla seems to grow best in water 1-2 m deep, and
will utilize every cc of water column. So no need to
move tree to tree, hold the head up, pull back to
strip leaves, or separate/swallow twigs, just wade
through it like a teenager sucking up a giant plate of
spagetti. Only practical way I see to obtain the truly
incredible bulk the biggest probably needed. Any


- *Hydrilla* and most other water weeds are angiosperms, and thus unavailable in the Jurassic. I don't know enough about ferns like *Salvinia*, but AFAIK they don't get this productive...
- So much water may not have been available in, for example, the Morrison Fm environment.
- The neck length of *Dicraeosaurus* should suffice for this lifestyle. So why do sauropods vary so much in neck length?

Beautiful hypothesis, ugly facts... :-]