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Re: New Field Museum dinosaur exhibit opens Friday

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"Dinosaur Dynasty: Discoveries From China" brings together nearly two dozen specimens excavated in that country in the last century, and "Sue Discovery Dig" allows aspiring paleontologists to unearth a full-sized replica of the museum's $8.4 million T. Rex, Sue, from a giant sandbox outside the museum.


The Chinese dinosaur fossils, on loan from the Inner Mongolian Museum in Hohehote, China

Either make it fully Chinese (Huhehaote), or leave it Mongolian (in which case Hohhot is probably a good idea for spelling... well... it's the only spelling I've ever seen, so I can't say anything).

"People tend to think all dinosaurs lived all over the world at once," said the Field Museum's Cheryl Bardoe, a senior project administrator who added that the presumption is false. "This is a great opportunity for people to meet dinosaurs they haven't met before."


the skull from the narrow-headed Daspletosaurus,

This happens when everything is always illustrated in lateral view only...