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Re: "Utah site yields first Cretaceous-era sauropod skulls ever in N. America"

<<Some NA Cretaceous sauropod cranial material was known previously, see
e.g. the 1998 Abstracts volume page 29, and the April 2003 JVP page 176.
Were these skulls found in the Mussentuchit? IIRC small sauropods existed
around the mid Cretaceous in North America.>>

I know brachiosaurid teeth have been found in the Mussentuchit fauna, Tim.
I've got a link to paper somewhere.  Cifelli RL, Kirkland JI, Weil A, Deino
AL & Kowallis BJ (1997), High-precision Ar40/Ar39 geochronology and the
advent of North Americas's Late Cretaceous terrestrial fauna, Proc. Natl.
Acad. Sci. USA, vol94, p.11163-11167.


I don't think Mussentuchit was in use as a formal name when that paper came