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Re: Gastornis vs. Diatryma

On 11/26/05, David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:
> > --- UrsprÃngliche Nachricht ---
> > Von: Ian Paulsen <birdbooker@zipcon.net>
> > Datum: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 22:48:03 -0800 (PST)
> >
> > HI:
> >  I was wondering which genus is currently correct/used for the taxa?
> The two names are today considered synonymous, and because *Gastornis* is
> older, it wins.

It should be noted that this synonymy is subjective. I think the type
species are regarded as distinct (but CMIIW), so, as with
_Apatosaurus_ vs. _Brontosaurus_ or _Baryonyx_ vs. _Suchomimus_ etc.
it requires on the settings of your "genericometer".
Mike Keesey
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