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Re: Not dinosaurs, but damn cool!

dear List,

    Japan has a warped law with the international community that allows them
to harvest a certain amount of whales " For scientific purposes " every
year. These scientific purposes are strictly for their sushi bars and fish
markets. This outrage is the same cutspah they used when they were happily
raping weaker countrys in and around WW 2. " What! We're not invading
anyone, we're expanding our territories. "

Oh,and I really love dinosaurs.

Not crazy about Norway's whaling tariffs either Cliff
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> Dann Pigdon wrote:
> >Why is it that Japanese "research" into large marine animals often ends
> >with them being impaled on sharp metal objects? :P
> Quite often the same animals (or bits of them) finally end up being
> on small wooden objects - like chopsticks.
> :-(
> Cheers
> Tim