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Redescription of Eoenantiornis buhleri

Zhou, Zhonghe, Luis M. Chiappe & Fucheng Zhang, 2005. Anatomy of the Early Cretaceous bird
Eoenantiornis buhleri (Aves: Enantiornithes) from China. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 42: 1331-1338.

ABSTRACT: A detailed description of the anatomy, in particular of the skull, of Eoenantiornis is provided. This description reveals many morphological characters previously unknown for enantiornithine birds, such as presence of a distinct facet for the intramandibular articulation between the dentary and postdentary bones. Eoenantiornis documents an intermediate stage in the abbreviation of the alular digit among Ornithothoraces, which paralleled a similar transformation within Ornithuromorpha. Our analysis also indicates that Eoenantiornis belongs to the Euenantiornithes.