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New issue of PalArch

Dear colleagues,

The new issue of www.PalArch.nl is online (official publishing date is
1 October 2005) with:

3 papers on vertebrate palaeontology:

Sachs, S. 2005. Remarks on the pectoral girdle of Hydrotherosaurus
alexandrae (Plesiosauria: Elasmosauridae). - PalArch, serie vertebrate
palaeontology 4, 1.

Santi, G. & M. Stoppini. 2005. Predator-prey interaction in the
Permian of the Orobic Basin (North Italy). Behavioural consequences. -
PalArch, serie vertebrate palaeontology 4, 2.

Everhart, M. 2005. Elasmosaurid remains from the Pierre Shale (Upper
Cretaceous) of western Kansas; Possible missing elements of the type
specimen of Elasmosaurus platyurus Cope 1868? - PalArch, serie
vertebrate palaeontology 4, 3.

2 publications in our section archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology,
including the first PalArch Image CD:

Cooney, K.M. & J. Tyrrell. 2005. Scarabs in the Los Angeles County
Museum of Art. Part I. Distributed propaganda or intimate protection? 
 – PalArch, serie archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology 4, 1.

Cooney, K.M. & J. Tyrrell. 2005. Scarabs in the Los Angeles County
Museum of Art. Part II. Catalogue. Online version. – PalArch, serie
archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology 4, 2.

Cooney, K.M. & J. Tyrrell. 2005. Scarabs in the Los Angeles County
Museum of Art. Part II. Catalogue. Image CD version. – PalArch, serie
archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology 4, 2.

and the following book reviews:

Vertebrate palaeontology

Beatty, B.L. 2005. Book review of: Janis, C., K. Scott & L. Jacobs
Eds. 1998 (2005 Paperback Re-issue). Evolution of Tertiary mammals of
North America. Volume 1. Terrestrial carnivores, Ungulates, and
Ungulatelike mammals. (Cambridge, Cambridge University Press).

Kooten, van, C. 2005. Book review of: Mayor, A. 2005. Fossil legends
of the first Americans. (Princeton, Princeton University Press ).

Meijer, H.J.M. 2005. Book review of: Murray, P.F. & Vickers-Rich, P.
2004. Magnificent Mihirungs. The colossal flightless birds of the
Australian dreamtime. (Bloomington, Indiana University Press).

Schulp, A.S. 2005. Book review of: Dal Sasso, C. & G. Brillante. 2005.
Dinosaurs of Italy. (Bloomington, Indiana University Press). -

Storm, P. 2005. Book review of: Beard, C. 2004. The hunt for the dawn
monkey. Unearthing the origins of monkeys, apes, and humans.
(Berkely/Los Angeles/London, University of California Press).

Storm, P. 2005. Book review of: Cameron, D.W. & C.P. Groves. 2004.
Bones, stones and molecules. "Out of Africa" and human origins.
(Amsterdam, Elsevier Academic Press).

Veldmeijer, A.J. 2005. Book review of: Arnold, C. 2004 (illustrations
by L. Caple). Pterosaurs. Rulers of the skies in the dinosaur age.
(New York, Clarion Books).

Vos, de, J. 2005. Book review of: Prothero, D.P. 2005. The evolution
of North American rhinoceroses. (Cambridge, Cambridge University

Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology:

Cooney, K.M. 2005. Book review of: Stanwick, P.E. 2003. Portraits of
the Ptolemies. Greek kings as Egyptian pharaohs. (Austin, University
of Texas Press).

Haarlem, van, W. 2005. Book review of: Redford, D.B. 2004. Excavations
at Mendes. Volume 1. The royal necropolis. (Leiden, Brill (Culture and
History of the Ancient Near East, Vol. 20).

Ikram, S. 2005. Book review of: Halioua B. & B. Ziskind. 2005.
Medicine in the days of the pharaohs. (Harvard, Belknap Press of
Harvard University Press).

Ikram, S. 2005. Book review of: Richards, J. 2005. Society and death
in ancient Egypt mortuary landscapes of the Middle Kingdom.
(Cambridge, Cambridge University Press).

Ikram, S. 2005. Book review of: Christensen, W. 2005.  Empire of
ancient Egypt. (New York, Facts On File).

Maessen, M. 2005. Book review of: MacDonald, S. & M. Rice. Eds. 2003.
Consuming ancient Egypt. (London, UCL Press (Encounters with ancient

Moje, J. 2005. Book review of: Hölbl, G. 2004. Altägypten im Römischen
Reich II.   Der römische Pharao und seine Tempel II: Die Tempel des
römischen Nubien. (Mainz, Philipp von Zabern (Zaberns Bildbände zur

Nyord, R. 2005. Book review of: Molen, van der, R. 2005. An analytical
concordance of the verb, the negation and the syntax in Egyptian
Coffin Texts. Two volumes. (Leiden, Brill (Handbuch der Orientalistik,
Section One. The Near and Middle East 77)).

Phillips, J. 2005. Book review of: Edwards, D.N. 2004. The Nubian
past. An archaeology of the Sudan. (London,  Routledge).

Rose, P.J.  2005. Book review of: Grzymski, K.A. 2003.  Meroe Reports
I. (Mississauga, Benben publications).

Stevenson, A. 2005. Book review of: Knoppers, G. & Hirsch, A. Eds.
2004. Egypt, Israel and the ancient Mediterranean world. (Leiden,
Brill (Probleme der Ägyptologie 20)).

Wilkinson, R.H. 2005. Book review of: Yoshimura S. &  J. Kondo. Eds.
2004.  Conservation of the wall paintings in the royal tomb of
Amenophis III. First and second phases report. (Paris and Tokyo,  
UNESCO and Waseda University).

Archaeology of northwest Europe:

Enckevort, van, H. 2005. Book review of: Roymans, N. 2004. Ethnic
identity and imperial power. The Batavians in the Early Roman Empire.
(Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press (Amsterdam Archaeological

Heirbaut, E.N.A. 2005. Book review of: Menotti, F. Ed. 2004. Living on
the lake in prehistoric Europe. 150 years of lake–dwelling research.
(London/New York, Routledge).

Meylemans, E. 2005. Book review of: Nixon, T. Ed. 2004. Preserving
Archaeological Remains in situ? Proceedings of the 2nd conference
12-14 September 2001, London. (London, Museum of London Archaeology
Service, (MOLAS)).

Trosper, J. 2005. Book review of: Rodgers, B. 2004. The
Archaeologist's manual for conservation. A guide to non–toxic, minimal
intervention artifact stabilization. (New York, Kluwer Academic/Plenum

Kind regards,

Hanneke Meijer

Vice Chairman, PalArch Foundation

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