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Re: New PaleoBios paper - diplodocoid phylogenetic taxonomy

Mike Taylor wrote:

> These kind of housekeeping papers are indispensable. I'd like to see the same thing done for > basal sauropodomorphs and non-neornithine birds (get out the antacid....).

Well, the latter has largely been done --

        Padian, K., J. R. Hutchinson and T. R. Holtz, Jr.  1999.
        Phylogenetic definitions and nomenclature of the major
        taxonomic categories of the carnivorous Dinosauria
        (Theropoda).  Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 19:69-80.

I wasn't referring to the entire Theropoda. When I said I "non-neornithine birds", I was referring to a PT paper that was narrower in focus, and was dedicated to *just* non-neornithine birds. All those names for basal avialan and non-neornithine clades confuse the bejesus out of me: Ornithuromorpha, Ornithothoraces, Pygostylia, Ambiortimorphae, Carinatae, Euornithes, Enantiornithes, Euenantiornithes... For example, I've seen Euornithes used in two different ways, by Sereno (1998) and Kurochkin (1996), with the latter using Euornithes to name a clade within the Enantiornithes!