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SVP Scheduler; Web Comic Strip

I've recently launched a couple of web projects that should be of
general interest to the list.


I've copied all the schedule information from the Abstract Volume and
created an interactive tool for selecting which talks to see. Simply
click on the ones you want and you can copy or print a customized
schedule. (Note: my printer is in need of replacement, so I haven't
been able to test the "PRINT" feature yet--if someone would like to
let me know if it works [off-list], please do.)

If you encounter any problems with this, please let me know off-list.
And feel free to pass it along to the VRTPALEO list. (I'm not
currently subscribed.)


Some of you may remember this strip from my old site, BloodySteak (or
may have followed the link that's been in my .sig recently). Well, I'm
finally making the adventures of Parry the _Parasaurolophuis_ and
Carney the _Carnotaurus_ a regular (weekly) strip. (Warning: Most of
these contain cartoonish gore--although today's is a rare exception.)

Most strips will be accompanied by short essays relating the strip to
some topic in paleontological research. Today's is a rehash of
something discussed ad nauseam on the list (scavenger "vs." predator),
but SVP should give me some new fodder.

Mike Keesey
The Dinosauricon: http://dino.lm.com
Parry & Carney: http://parryandcarney.com