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Re: "Oxygen Helped Mammals Grow, Study Finds"

Phil Bigelow wrote:
> And how would possum's handle 10% oxygen?  Their current habitat is
> lowlands, so it might be interesting to see how they react in a test
> chamber with lowered O2 at 1 atm. (PETA approved, of course!  ;-)

There are alpine possums here in Australia. In fact, the
mountain pygmy possum is tiny, and manages to survive in and around ski
resorts (for now, anyway). Of course, even Australia's highest peaks
are just tiddlers compared to those of other continents... I wonder
what the possum distribution is like in New Zealand?

> It might also be interesting to measure the pore diameters on various
> Mesozoic bird eggs and see if they are proportionally larger or smaller
> (or more or less numerous) than those on modern bird eggs.

My thoughts exactly, especially considering some of the football-sized
hard-shelled eggs that some dinos popped out. Surely the larger the egg,
the higher the atmospheric oxygen content required for diffusion to do
its work?


Dann Pigdon
GIS / Archaeologist         http://heretichides.soffiles.com
Melbourne, Australia        http://www.geocities.com/dannsdinosaurs