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Re: SVP Scheduler; Web Comic Strip

If y'all have not done so already, click on and read the latest "Parry and Carny"comic. . . it's decidedly the funniest paleo cartoon I've read for some time!

Also, I've forwarded the link to Michael Ryan (Vert. Paleo., Cleveland Museum of Natural History and connosieur of paleo cartoonology), creator of "Palaeoblog" which can be found here:


for those of you not yet familiar ( he intends on including a reference to "Parry and Carny" in tomorrows blog update ).

He also has posted a very nice series of photos from his recent visit to Mongolia with Phil Currie. . . and continued scrolling will reveal a veritable cornocopia of paleontological delights!


Mike Skrepnick


Some of you may remember this strip from my old site, BloodySteak (or
may have followed the link that's been in my .sig recently). Well, I'm
finally making the adventures of Parry the _Parasaurolophuis_ and
Carney the _Carnotaurus_ a regular (weekly) strip. (Warning: Most of
these contain cartoonish gore--although today's is a rare exception.)

Most strips will be accompanied by short essays relating the strip to
some topic in paleontological research. Today's is a rehash of
something discussed ad nauseam on the list (scavenger "vs." predator),
but SVP should give me some new fodder.

Enjoy! -- Mike Keesey The Dinosauricon: http://dino.lm.com Parry & Carney: http://parryandcarney.com