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Re: New PaleoBios paper - diplodocoid phylogenetic taxonomy

Jon Barber wrote-

> Carinatae,

At least two:
- Node-based: *Ichthyornis* + Neornithes.
- Apomorphy-based: keel on sternum in all members of the population (so
*Confuciusornis* is just outside).

Three: (Neornithes <- Hesperornis) (Cracraft, 1986)

What's the reference for the *Ichthyornis* + Neornithes definition?

Chiappe, 1995.

David Marjanovic wrote-

Was Euornithes really coined by Sanz & Buscalioni 1992? I've never seen
that used, and I really like Sereno's definition (...apart from the lack of

No, it was coined by Stejneger (1885). It was basically Neognathae minus penguins.

Mickey Mortimer