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Curator position

Passing this along from  vrtpaleo.

<< Dear colleagues,

The Bell Museum of  Natural History at the University of Minnesota 
announces a 9-month  tenure-track position for an assistant professor 
and museum curator who has  a specimen based research program involving 
amphibians, reptiles, or  non-insect invertebrates.   The research 
program should emphasize  a conceptual focus such as biodiversity, 
biogeography, coevolution,  comparative biology, conservation, evo-devo, 
paleontology, phylogenetics,  population processes, or other related 
topical areas.  A full  description of the job is available at  
www.bellmuseum.org/curator.html.  Please pass this information on to  
any colleagues or students that may be interested in the position.   
Applications will be considered beginning 11 November 2005.  Questions  
regarding the position or the search should be directed to Andrew  
Simons, 612-624-6292, asimons@umn.edu. The University of Minnesota is 
an  equal opportunity educator and employer.

David L. Fox
Assistant  Professor
Department of Geology and Geophysics
University of  Minnesota
310 Pillsbury Dr SE
Minneapolis, MN   55455

ph    612-624-6361
fax      612-625-3819 >>