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Archaeopterodactylus and Euornithes

T. Michael Keesey wrote:

What's an "archaeopterodactyloid"? Is there an "Archaeopterodactylus"?

No, there is no "Archaeopterodactylus". Weird, huh? Also weird: The cladogram shows both Archaeopterodactyloidea and Dsungaripteroidea contained within a larger clade that also ends in "-oidea" (Pterodactyloidea). Does this pass muster with the ICZN? The same cladogram shows _Eudimorphodon_ to be paraphyletic.

I don't know much about pterosaur phylogenetic taxonomy, but it's my guess that the Archaeopterodactyloidea includes the 'primitive' pterodactyloids (hence the name "Archaeopterodactyloidea"), whereas Dsungaripteroidea includes the derived pterodactyloids. As I said, just a guess.

Wang et al. (2005) also mention the bird "_Jeholornis_ (undescribed species)" - not _Shenzhouraptor_.

Michael Mortimer wrote:

No, it was coined by Stejneger (1885). It was basically Neognathae minus penguins.

Is this when the name Impennae was coined for penguins alone?