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Protoavis is part pterosauromorph, no details about Novacaesareaia, etc.

Hi all. I just made a large update to my website (now that field camp's over, my computer's been fixed and my files are back on it), mostly new taxa and Ceratosauroidea incertae sedis. But some highlights-

The Protoavis entry is posted, and I'm nearly certain parts belong to an undescribed taxon of basal pterosauromorph.
I had to examine Huene's figures of the Coelophysis "type" material now that Eucoelophysis is a silesaurid, and most of it is coelophysoid, with only a few possible exceptions.
Coelurus has a rather extensive entry, as do Oviraptorinae and "Ingeniinae".
Ever heard of the Mesozoic theropod Novacaesareaia? Neither had I. I should have details about it soon though.
Finally, I added an area for taxa that were thought to be theropods at some point, but aren't now (e.g. Teratosaurus). So if you visit my site looking for what you think is a theropod, you'll find it, even if I don't think it's one. Any help in adding dinosaurs that were thought to be theropods at one point (like lots of basal sauropodomorphs) is appreciated.


Mickey Mortimer