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RE: Stormbergia dangershoeki, new Early Jurassic ornithischian from South Africa

Jay wrote-

Was Genasauria an apomorphy based taxon (all ornithischians possessing a cheeck) or a defined as
(Thyreophora + Cerapoda)? If it was the first definition, doesn't that disolve Genasauria?.

(Thyreophora + Cerapoda) (Currie and Padian, 1997) (Ankylosaurus + Triceratops) (Sereno, 1998)

I also noticed in the Butler's cladogram, Sceildosaurus is nested with Ankylosauria, supporting
Carpenter's Ankylosauromorpha.

Yes, though Butler writes, "The interrelationships of the basal Thyreophora were not considered in detail, as they are not of primary concern here, but will be considered elsewhere."

Mickey Mortimer