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Re: US overeating problem extends to wildlife

I also doubt the just so so story that is being
reported here. The gator was undoubtedly constricted
to death before it was consumed head first. Judging
from the length of the exposed half gator compared to
the rest of the snake it was completely consumed by
the snake before whatever event happened to expose the
gator. The way in which so much of the gator is
exposed like that suggests to me some sort of
explosive decompression. The gator certainly didn't
claw its way out backwards thats for sure.

Christopher Collinson

--- Dann Pigdon <dannj@alphalink.com.au> wrote:

> The story mentions that most of the python's head
> was missing. Could the
> burst gut be something that happened post-mortem?
> I'm thinking maybe it
> had a nasty run-in with a power boat, severing it's
> head and perhaps
> splitting it open.
> Denver Fowler wrote:
> > For those taphonomists who (like me) collect
> pictures
> > of dead animals, the BBC has a nice largeish
> (600x400)
> > of the dead burmese python (FL, USA) which
> apparently
> > burst its gut eating an alligator:
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