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Re: Stormbergia dangershoeki, new Early Jurassic ornithischian from South Africa

T. Michael Keesey wrote-

I guess the real question is which taxa you consider to be
"essentially" ornithopodan. A node-based definition of something like
clade(_Hypsilophodon_ + _Iguanodon_) for either "Ornithopoda" or
"Euornithopoda" might be more aesthetically pleasing, and allow for an
outside possibility of including marginocephalians.

Well, the "essential ornithopods" would be those included by Marsh when he named the clade, right? Those are Nanosaurus, Laosaurus, Camptosaurus and Diracodon. Diracodon was clearly a case of misidentification (as Stegosaurus was not seen as an ornithopod), but Nanosaurus and Laosaurus contained most of the hypsilophodont species known at the time.

Mickey Mortimer