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Re: birds and pterosaurs (long)

Is still validy the assumption that pterosaur was mainly a soaring
flier (a some kind of big kite)?


Roberto Takata

2005/10/10, Michael Habib <mhabib5@jhmi.edu>:
> The overall aspect ratio, wing loading, and other wing shape parameters
> (such as the tapered wing profile) of the large-bodied, Cretaceous
> pterodactyloids were probably most similar (when compared to extant
> flyers) to frigate birds (albatrosses, etc. have rather higher wing
> loadings but are also somewhat similar).  The location of fossils and
> wing shape, along with the relatively large body size, implies that
> most Cretaceous pterosaurs were accomplished marine soarers.  With
> their high aspect ratios, but reasonably low wing loadings, they may
> have been capable of both dynamic soaring and riding marine thermals
> (frigates do both, but otherwise convective soaring is much more common
> amongst terrestrial birds today).