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9th anniversary of the first feathered dinosaur discovery

Good day!
As today it's the 9th anniversary of announcing the find of _Sinosauropteryx 
prima_, I wonder how many dinosaur species/genera of dinos with feathery 
integument are known to the date. I seem to recall some 10 non-avian dinosaur 
genera. Could anyone tally all of them? Also, is anything new about the only 
non-theropod dinosaur with such structures, the infamous "furry" Psittacosaurus 
specimen? Thanks, Vlad

"Quid scribam vobis, patres conscripti, aut quo modo scribam, aut quid omnino 
non scribam hoc tempore, dii me deaeque peius perdant quam cottidie perire 
sentio, si scio."  Tiberius Caesar Augustus, ca. 30 CE