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RE: 9th anniversary of the first feathered dinosaur discovery

Vladimír Socha wrote-

As today it's the 9th anniversary of announcing the find of _Sinosauropteryx prima_, I wonder >how many dinosaur species/genera of dinos with feathery integument are known to the date. I >seem to recall some 10 non-avian dinosaur genera. Could anyone tally all of them?

Excluding archaeopterygids and anything closer to Aves... Dilong paradoxus Sinosauropteryx prima (?)Compsognathus longipes Shuvuuia deserti Yixianosaurus longimanus Beipiaosaurus inexpectus Protarchaeopteryx robusta Caudipteryx zoui Caudipteryx dongi (= C. zoui) Pedopenna daohugouensis Jinfengopteryx elegans Sinornithosaurus millenii Cryptovolans pauli (= Microraptor zhaoianus?) Microraptor gui (= M. zhaoianus?) Microraptor zhaoianus Scansoriopteryx heilmanni

Also, is anything new about the only non-theropod dinosaur with such structures, the >infamous "furry" Psittacosaurus specimen? Thanks, Vlad

Even if Psittacosaurus' quills are homologous with feathers, they're clearly not the same type of structures seen in coelurosaurs. But no, nothing else has been published.

Mickey Mortimer