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RE: Feduccia et al: No Evidence Fossil Feathers Are Really Feathers

--- Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:

> And somebody has just GOT TO explain to Feduccia the distinction between 
> "ancestor" and "sister taxon".  I think even the most hard-headed 
> paleontologist recognizes that an ancestor cannot give rise to a descendent 
> that lived 25 million years earlier.

It's obvious that Feduccia knows that.  I think this is another tactic to 
merely pull the wool
over people's eyes - people who naturally wouldn't have known much about 
evolution/speciation to
start of with.
 The tactic is to repeat false/misinformation as often as possible to give it 
Creationists do the same thing when presented with a logical idea that they 
must overcome.

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