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Re: Feduccia et al: No Evidence Fossil Feathers Are Really Feathers

On Mon, 10 Oct 2005, Phil Bigelow wrote:
  Oct. 10, 2005 -- No. 477

Latest study: scientists say no evidence exists
that therapod dinosaurs evolved into birds

UNC News Services

CHAPEL HILL -- No good evidence exists that fossilized structures
found in
China and which some paleontologists claim are the earliest known
rudimentary feathers were really feathers at all, a renowned

In other news, Reuters reports that a man in western Washington state awoke this morning to discover a group of winged monkeys crawling around in his pajama bottom. Phil Bigelow, a science aficionado, said that he was "rather surprised" to see the winged primates crawl out of his pajamas while he was putting on his clothes. "They [the monkeys] just sort of looked at me silently for a few seconds and then they started to fly around the bedroom." A wine rack was reported to have been tipped over in the mayhem, spilling approximately 20 bottles onto the floor. Mr. Bigelow said he then opened a window to let the creatures escape. He later called police. "At first, the authorities didn't believe me, but when I showed them the monkey stains on the seat of my pajama bottom and the wine bottles on the floor, the cops started to treat me with the respect and dignity that I deserved."

He told police he shot a flying monkey in his pajamas. How a flying monkey got into his pajamas "I'll never know"...