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RE: More about the Feduccia paper

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> Guy Leahy
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/hsn/20051010/hl_hsn/dinosaurbirdflaprufflesfeathers

There are times when I think the media interest in this subject is merely so 
they can use the "ruffles feathers" phrase in
headlines...  Now if only the basal cynodont community would have a lot more 
attention: they could use "raises hackles"! ;-)

Also, good to see that HealthDay News is maintaining its fine tradition of 
paleontological reportage... Wait. HealthDay News?!?
"News for Healthier Living", according to their main page. Wierd.

(Not that I'm against such reporting or such, but it just seems strange to me 
that a news site organized around health has this
article in amidst their coverage of avian flu, SIDS, epilepsy, and colonoscopy).

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