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Re: Feduccia et al. (2005) Critique

Excellent critique, Mickey

--- Michael Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com> wrote:

> I have mixed reactions regarding this paper.  Feduccia's sections were 
> painful in their inaccuracy and constant use of extremely outdated ideas.  
> In addition, many of his refutations seemed to not incorporate his placement 
> of maniraptorans as birds.  He argues too hard for things that don't change 
> dinosaurian birds, like neoflightless maniraptorans.  And the reasons 
> maniraptorans couldn't be theropods are never addressed.  Also not addressed 
> are several relevent critiques to points he's used for years now.  Most 
> angering is his utter twisting of Paul's words in the Euparkeria quote, to 
> completely reverse the intent of Paul's statement.  

Yes, this is most disturbing. :(

>_Especially_ after he 
> states in press releases that BADists are helping the creationist cause.
> On the other hand, I thought Lingham-Soliar's collagen work was pretty 
> decent.  He could be on to something for a few specimens, and the 
> Psittacosaurus is very important.  I also enjoyed how both the basal 
> coelurosaur feather issue and the homeotic frameshift issue had only 
> tentative conclusions.  I agree both need more work.  These latter points 
> made this the best BAND paper I've read.

If that's the case, it doesn't say much for the whole BAND movement.

Also let me just check the abbreviations here:
BAD - Birds are dinosaurs
BAND - Birds are not dinosaurs
WAIR - Wing assisted Incline running

But what's MANIAC?


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