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Re: "Latest Study: No Evidence That Therapods Evolved Into Birds" (sic)

Google on 'therapod' and you get 28,500 hits, vs. 210,000 for theropod. Google 
seems to think a 'therapod' is some kind of ergonomic chair, but the 
sciencedaily.com report on Fedducia et al comes in number 6, among all the 

At 9:47 PM -0400 10/10/05, Jordan Mallon wrote:
>This has got to be the most misspelled dinosaur taxon there is (along
>with maybe "Tyranosaurus").  I've sometimes wondered if there is a
>history behind the use of the word "therapod."  Has it appeared in an
>oft-cited theropod publication?  To be honest, I see it so often, it
>kind of annoys me.

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