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Feduccia: the same old story...

Why is it that Feduccia's story keeps repeating itself? It well may be a reflection of our times: repeat a noisy lie until everybody becomes familiarized with it and becomes truth (or simply "alternative" to what is taught in the classrooms!).

Until Feduccia et al get down to basics and finally read, analyze and counter ALL the arguments and papers that are out there blatantly contradicting their opinions >>in authoritative detail<< and use the scientific method to demonstrate that all researchers (except them) are lying, they cannot receive any credibility from anyone in the scientific community.

Until then, their assessments are no better than the soundbites of any mystical charlatan trying to gather adepts to his own cult and headlines in newspapers.


Their methods should include studying ALL fossils directly and in person, read ALL the papers, counter the several researchers on digit development that have contradicted his own views and chemically demonstrate that those "skin traces" or "collagen fibers" are not feathers of any kind.

Yes, I know... all this has been said before...

Luis Rey

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