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Re: Dino reputation 'is exaggerated'

--- Michael Habib <mhabib5@jhmi.edu> wrote:

> Not that the "terror factor" has any real scientific
> importance or 
> merit, but personally I don't find the prospect of
> being inescapably 
> hooked into and gnawed to death much less worrisome
> than being kicked 
> and hacked.  Just a personal thought.

In case you ever reincarnate as herbivorous dinosaur,
just hit wildly with legs, tail and neck. These
conveniently stuck Velociraptors will be crushed in

For me elongated, slim Velociraptor resembles mostly a

marten, genet or small fox - small predator hunting
animals much smaller than itself, adapted to
slithering through dense vegetation. I still think
they could also climb trees.


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