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Re: Feduccia: the same old story...

Ken Carpenter wrote: "Regarding Fedducia and others, I will defend his right to be wrong (to
paraphrase Voltaire). So let him have his say."

Hmm...I would also defend his right to be wrong, but I don't think I can defend his right to get a few things in this most recent paper through peer review.

It's not ok to address old arguements (e.g. homeotic frameshift of manual development) and ignore new data that corroborates it. It's certainly not ok to quote mine and make it look like an author is saying the opposite of what he intended, as they did to GP.

I'm also not sure it's kosher to make grandiose claims like "... while paleontologists employing cladistic methodology use a list of a hundred or more characters that link birds and theropods, most are simple binary designations, one step removed from the organisms. The vast majority are plesiomorphic, not qualifying as Hennigian synapomorphies..." without, you know, some real discussion of that methodology and some support for the diea that hey are all plesiomorphic.

Not to say that there should be formal censorship of particular veiwpoints, but I don't think we need to lower standards just to let certain view points in, which I feel has happened with Fedducia's last paper or two on the subject.

Of course, I defend Ken's right to disagree with me on this point... ;)

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Dear all,
Regarding Fedducia and others, I will defend his right to be wrong (to
paraphrase Voltaire). So let him have his say.

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Why is it that Feduccia's story keeps repeating itself?

Because his knowledge of dinosaurs doesn't increase. It stays where it is,
so the story stays where it is. I don't think there's any tactics behind
that (apart from fooling himself a bit... or two).

Until Feduccia et al  get down to basics and finally read, analyze
and counter ALL the arguments and papers that are out there

He doesn't know most of these. And he doesn't _want_ to know any of these.
He is not interested in dinosaurs -- just like most or all of us cyber-here
aren't interested in... in procolophonids, or in Miocene lizards, or in
palaeoniscoid fish.

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