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hey guys, stop the dispersalisms and give some credit
to our old Pangea, I think that several lineages
support that those ancient lineages were all around,
and Gonzalo and their own is just one more. isn't it?.
I'm not saying that they do not come from somewhere
else, but it is not necessary to erect that ad hoc
solution. As says one of my Bonaparte's favorites: "By
the Jurassic, everything was already invented"

 --- David Marjanovic <david.marjanovic@gmx.at>

> > Not that I'm the biggest fan of secondary
> flightless dromeaosaurs, but 
> > doesn't this discussion leave out the possibility
> that Buitreraptor's 
> > ancestors flew to the southern hemisphere in the
> Early Cretaceous?
> Across quite a lot of sea...?
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