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Re: Madagascan Flying Raptor is INDEED a Madagascan Flying Raptor...

But here's a cool thing. Nearly everyone agrees that Rahonavis was probably a flier. It is now a dromaeosaurid. We have flying

Here's another cool thing. Rahonavis is not at the base of Unenlagiinae (Buitreraptor falls there), but it did retain/reverted to
the ancestral eumaniraptoran size. Microraptor is comparably-sized, and while not as long armed as Rahonavis likely also had some
aerial ability. As do basal avialians.

Very cool stuff! The only thing that I still am skeptical on is the use of relative limb lengths as a predictor of aerial ability. Amongst extant birds, at least, it is generally a very poor predictor of flight mode (as well as absence/presence of flight). 'Robustness' measures, combined with knowledge of length, do much better (especially cross sectional properties...yeah, okay, so I'm blowing my own horn a bit...see my SVP Abstract and poster next week for more details).

--Mike Habib