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Re: Feduccia: the same old story...

Ok, wait, now this discussion has gone places I didn't intend. Peer review, like everything else in science, is done by people, and one of our traits is to not be perfect. I don't think this paper should be seen as an indication that the peer review process is in some systemic way deficient. These things straighten themselves out over time, as more data and a preponderance of references pile up.

While not major deficienies, I do think the BAND authors have of late published a few things (one of them was a non peer reviewed editorial in Auk which doesn't count) that I wish had been more heavily modified during the review process. I think it's fair to lament that some unfortunate things sneak through peer review, as it serves as social reinforcement to avoid the same fallacies inthe future (specifically quote mining, which I find rather unfortunate). That being said, the peer review system, flawed though it may be, is by far the best we've got and until we invent something better it should recieve our support.

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