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Re: Dino reputation 'is exaggerated'

--- frank bliss <frank@blissnet.com> wrote:

There is no question that the anatomy
> of most 
> Dromaeosaurids is not ideally suited for such
> activities but if you 
> look at the coyote example, you will notice some
> similarities in 
> anatomical deficiencies for such combat.  Coyotes
> are not built ideally 
> for taking animals larger than themselves but they
> do it anyway.  

Coyote is more suited - longer-legged, attacks with
jaws which are thick and well muscled. Still, coyote
normally hunts small prey: rodents, rabbits etc.
Cattle calf which is helpless and not much bigger than
coyote is rare prey. Adult cow or elk is too big. 

In particular, in Velociraptor / Terontosaurus clash,
size difference is roughly like coyote to adult
Holstein cow or American buffalo cow
(20-40kg/900-1000kg and 15kg/700kg). 


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