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Re: Oh, yeah, the reference...

On 10/13/05, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
> AFAIK, neither Therizinosauria and Segnosauria have received phylogenetic
> defintions, though Therizinosauroidea has.  I would say that Therizinosauria
> and Segnosauria can be regarded as synonyms, given that they are effectively
> equivalent in content and concept.

In Russell's "Therizinosauria" chapter of the Encyclopedia of
Dinosaurs (Currie and Padian, eds.):

"Therizinosaurs include six described genera (_Alxasaurus_,
_Enigmosaurus_, _Erlikosaurus_, _Nashiungosaurus_ [sic],
_Segnosaurus_, and _Therizinosaurus_).... Therezinosaurs [sic] may be
defined as the aforementioned taxa and all others closer to them than
to oviraptorosaurs, ornithomimosaurs, and troodontids."

Segnosauria, on the other hand, has never been given an explicit
definition, only diagnoses and composition lists. They are not
directly comparable.
Mike Keesey
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