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Re: Madagascan Flying Raptor is INDEED a Madagascan Flying Raptor...

Two comments on the paper:

All characters were unordered! Even the number of sacral vertebrae!!! 
Someone needs to repeat the analysis to see what the data _really_ say. :-(

I wonder where *Shenzhouraptor* (incl. *Jeholornis*) and *Jixiangornis* go. 
Would they stay birds when included? Would they become unenlagiines, 
forming the sister-group of *Rahonavis*? Would *Shenzhouraptor* alone do 
that while the more birdlike *Jixiangornis* would stay a bird? Would they 
turn *Rahonavis* or maybe all Unenlagiinae back into birds? Oh, and then 
there's *Yandangornis*...

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