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Donations Needed for SVP Reprint Exchange

As you pack your bags for SVP this year, don't forget to throw in a few
extra reprints for the student reprint exchange. Recent reprints on any
paleo-related topic are appropriate--a collection area will be set up at the
main registration desk. Please note that older reprints (pre-1995) or larger
works (e.g., books) should be donated to the auction.

Further information is given below--thank you for your help!

Andy Farke
Chair, Student Committee

This year, SVP will be hosting its 3rd annual Student Reprint Exchange
(SRE), at the annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.



It's a way for students to start building their personal libraries.

- We who have published papers bring a few reprints to the meeting, or send
them to the addresses below in advance.

- These are spread out on some tables during the student forum (6:30 p.m. -
8 p.m., Thursday, October 20).

- Students take some of these reprints, thereby building their libraries.

This is an opportunity for students of any stripe - graduate, undergraduate,
high school, whatever. ONLY students may participate.


We're looking for copies of relatively recent journal articles, book
chapters, or shorter monographs. Papers with extensive photographic figures
(which lose some resolution even in the best of PDFs) are especially
welcome, but any of your recent pubs or duplicates from your library are

We don't care if the authors are tenured professors or curators, students,
postdocs, or avocational paleontologists; indeed, because this a student
reprint exchange, publications by our student members would be especially
welcome. We aren't too picky about subject matter, though the reprints
should have some sort of connection to vertebrate paleontology or related

IMPORTANT: We are requesting recent (1995 to present) reprints. Older
classic reprints, books, complete sets of museum's series or an authors
work, or reprints with an important person's signature should be donated to 
the SVP Auction. If you're not sure whether something should be donated for
the auction or the SRS, pass it along to Brent Breithaupt, Andy Farke, or
Chris Brochu (either in advance or at the meeting), and we'll figure it out.

A collection point will be set up near the registration desk at the meeting
where you may leave reprints. You may also send them in advance to:

Andrew A. Farke, Graduate Student
Department of Anatomical Sciences
Stony Brook University
T8 040 Health Sciences Center
Stony Brook, NY  11794-8081
Phone: 631-444-7364
Email: afarke@ic.sunysb.edu