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correction to my contribution to IUP sauropodomorph volume

This message is for those listmembers who have the volume by Tidwell V. &
Carpenter K. (eds), 2005 - Thunder-lizards . The Sauropodomorph Dinosaurs,
Indiana University Press.
I must inform those interested in my contribution to the volume (F. M.
Dalla Vecchia, Between Gondwana and Laurasia: Cretaceous Sauropods in an
Intraoceanic Carbonate Platform, 18, pp. 395-429) that the caption of
figure 18.1 is wrong.

I have just received a xerox copy of my contribution (not the original,
yet) and I discovered that the printed caption must be replaced by the one
correct you find below here. 
Fig. 18.1. Dinosaur sites of the Adriatic-Dinaric Carbonate Platform
mentioned in the text. (1) Fantazija Quarry near Rovinij/Rovigno,
Berriasian (?sauropod footprints). (2) Cape Gustinja, early Hauterivian
(sauropod and large theropod footprints). (3) Sarone, Cansiglio Plateau,
late Hauterivian-early Barremian (sauropod and large theropod footprints).
(4) Bale/Valle, late Hauterivian-early Barremian (sauropod and rarer
theropod bones). (5) Solaris site (Cervera), late Albian (sauropod and
theropod footprints). (6) Karigador/Carigador, late Cenomanian (sauropod
footprints). (7) Fenoliga/Felonega Islet, late Cenomanian (sauropod and
theropod footprints). (8) Cape Grakalovac, late Cenomanian (theropod
footprints and possibly sauropod footprints). (9) Villaggio del Pescatore,
late Santonian (hadrosaurian bones). (10) Kozina, Maastrichtian
(hadrosaurian, indetermined ornitischian and theropod teeth).
Just to be precise.


Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia