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RE: Alvarezsauridae (was RE: Me vs. Makovicky et al.- comparison and consensus)

Brad McFeeters wrote:

Or maybe Rapator is the sister taxon of Alvarezsauridae, rather than an alvarezsaurid sensu stricto? I don't remember who defined Alvarezsauridae, but The Dinosauricon currently has it as the [Alvarezsaurus + Mononykus] node.

Good point. The name Alvarezsauria is available for a potentially more inclusive clade that is stem-based. All we have for _Rapator ornitholestoides_ is an isolated phalanx (=first phalanx of pollex) that was found at Lightning Ridge, eastern Australia. Not much to go on. :-( _Rapator_ might have been a big alvarezsaur (maybe 6m), or a smaller alvarezsaur with big arms. In the past, _Walgettosuchus woodwardi_ (based on an isolated tailbone) was referred to _Rapator_, but this seems totally unjustified. They are both theropods, and both from the same part of Australia (northern NSW), but that's about all that they have in common.