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Re: Me vs. Makovicky et al.- comparison and consensus

2005/10/18, T. Michael Keesey <keesey@gmail.com>:
> This is rather odd, since, as recently noted on the list,
> "oviraptorosaurs" are listed as one of the externals specifiers for
> _Therizinosauria_. So if any of the internal specifiers for
> _Therizinosauria_ are closer to _Oviraptor_ than to birds (and several
> analyses posit so for all of the internal specifiers), their
> definition of _Therizinosauria_ yields an empty taxon!

Not necessarily so. Therizinosauria would be Oviraptorosauria closer
to _Therizinosaurus_ than to _Oviraptor_. As Carnosauria is Theropoda
closer to _Allosaurus_ than to _Passer_


Roberto Takata