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RE: A helpful thought

Well said; many professionals on the list don't post often but do notice if
they're mentioned; others I know have grad students etc on the list that
will pass on relevant stuff from the list to them. If you're commenting on
someone's work, assume they are reading it too. Might as well send it to
them privately first for comments in case you're making

Some researchers are more forgiving or have thicker skins than others, but
it's very much worth keeping in mind.  Some researchers have long memories
of even little slights even if they come from "just another dino-weenie" or
"Comic Book Guy" as some might say.  Of course it cuts both ways;
professionals benefit from acting professionally too.  It's a big list.
Google hits the archives a lot, so whatever you say has some degree of
immortality, as well...

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> From: Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. [mailto:tholtz@geol.umd.edu] 
> Here's perhaps the most helpful thought of all:
> Don't piss off the professionals. Especially if you hope to 
> be one someday.