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RE: Archaeopteryx with bird book, was Re: Archaeopteryx flight

--- Daniel Bensen <dbensen@bowdoin.edu> wrote:

> One thing: compare A.'s finger claws with toeclaws
> and what do you see (I'm
> not being rhetorical, I don't know)

Wing claws are visibly longer and more curved than toe
claws. Indeed resemble clinging claws of woodpeckers.
Support the idea that A. used this for climbing. 

> And another: AFAIK Europe at the time was an
> archipelago of small, semiarid
> islands.  How does this fit with your model?  

It fits habitat, althought as I said scrub and bush
can be find from rainforest gaps to desert oases.

Also some minor things:

All birds and bird chicks of A. size are fully covered
with feathers or down. Really few have naked head and
neck for display purposes. In contrast A on many 
reconstruction is partialy bare, eg. on belly.

In living birds, femur and upper half of "tibia" are
not visible under feathers. In contrast, most
restorations portrait A. with visible femurs, more
like human legs. 

I fact, bird femur is kept parallel to backbone and
"tibia" is permanently bent at angle, but I don't know
if this was true of A. - one would need to examine leg
joints in detail.

Jerzy Dyczkowski

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