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RE: Archaeopteryx with bird book, was Re: Archaeopteryx flight

"fruit-bearing gymnosperms" 

-Podocarps [Podocarpaceae], still found atleast in New Zealand and Australia
-Gingkos [Ginkgoaceae], still going strong, eaten in China
-Taxids (yew-family)  [Taxaceae], is poisonous to some mammals, including
-Some cypresses [Cupressaceae], like Juniper
-atleast some cycads and cycadeoids

More information can be found in "Gymnosperm database"

--Mikko Haaramo

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> > >ratios and the lack of evidence of gastroliths in
> > Archie
> Maybe some paleo-botanist can comment about seeds and fruits 
> found in that period. I have an impression that most seeds 
> were big and most juicy fruits and small seeds are from 
> flowering plants - so not in Jurassic.
> Jerzy
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