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Re: Swimming Dinosaurs, 1980

Here is a list of other papers dealing with dinosaur swim tracks, or at least in part. Particularly important is Whyte and Romano, 2003 where they describe an new ichnogenus and species, _Charachichnos tridactylus_. Much more to come on Late Triassic phytosaur swim tracks and Early Jurassic dinosaur and crocodylian swim tracks from Utah within the next year ....

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The abstract volume from the T-J Boundary symposium, "Tracking Dinosaur Origins" held in St. George, UT in March 2005 is still available online on Jerry Harris' website at the following address:


Hope some of you might find this info useful.


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"There is no branch of detective science which is so important and so much
neglected as the art of tracing footsteps" -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, 1891

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I am just back from the International Symposium on dinosaur paleoichnology
at Fumanya (Catalunya) where I participated also to the field trip to La
Rioja province of Spain. Felix Perez-Lorente has shown us some Early
Cretaceous footprints of swimming theropods in a site of La Rioja.

There is much more evidence in recent literature of swimming dinosaur
footprints, but you must search seriously for it. Contact specialists like
Gerard Gierlinsky (gierlinski@yahoo.com), Martin Lockley
(martin.lockley@cudenver.edu), Perez-Lorente(felix.perez@dq.unirioja.es),
just to cite few of them.

Just a suggestion.

Fabio M. Dalla Vecchia