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Re: Speaking of Pterosaurs (was Archaeopteryx flight)

I haven't read the paper yet. Matt, Dave, and Charlie are superb workers, and I have the utmost respect for their abilities so I'm going to withhold comment till after I do have a chance to read the paper. I still think an improperly supported propatagium would likely result in uncontrollable flutter, so I'll be really interested in how they support the propatagium, and whether their pteroid base articulation is similar to (or different than) Chris Bennett's. Working with the Q species wrist has convinced me that Chris is correct about wrist construction. Consequently, my take is that the pteroid mounts on the inboard side of the lateral distal syncarpal with the articulation structured to resist mostly spanwise loads, and that a seperate sesimoid sits in the articular socket at the top-front of the ldc. I don't know at the moment how W/U/E visualize the wrist.

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Speaking of Pterosaurs, Jim whats your opinion on the
recent Wilkinson, Unwin and Ellington paper regarding
the pteroid's orientation? I know that in the past
you've said that such a position as argued by
Wilkinson et. al. would result in a catastrophic
flutter in the propatagium.

Christopher Collinson

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