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Re: Two New Dinosaurs

Tom Holtz wrote:

Individual teeth are up to 75 mm wide and 140 mm tall. (It apprently didn't get the memo that > iguanodontians were increasing the number of tooth positions, since it has only 14 dentary tooth > positions).

The rebbachisaurids got that memo by mistake. ;-) I haven't seen the _Lanzhousaurus_ paper yet, but I wonder what those big choppers were used for.

As for _Auroraceratops_ (the second of the "Two New Dinosaurs"), yes, it is cute as a button. The name refers to its status as an early neoceratopsian (Latin "aurora" = dawn), and also honors Dawn Dodson, wife to Peter Dodson. ("Eoceratops", which means the same thing, was taken; but _Auroraceratops_ sounds so much cooler, anyway.) _Auroraceratops_'s "fungiform" lacrimal mentioned in the paper apparently refers to the overall shape of this element, which is swollen and shaped somewhat like a mushroom stuck side-on in front of each orbit. Quite impressive. The analysis recovers _Auroraceratops_ as sister taxon to the Coronosauria (_Protoceratops_ + _Triceratops_).