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Re: Archaeopteryx with bird book, was Re: Archaeopteryx flight

On 10/25/05, Tim Williams <twilliams_alpha@hotmail.com> wrote:
[re: Archaeopteryx]
>  As a very primitive bird, we might not
> expect the head to be fully feathered (aside from the beak) as in modern
> birds.

But the _Sinornithosaurus_ specimen NGMC 91 ("Dave") suggests that the
primitive condition for eumaniraptors may have been *more* extensive
feathering over the head. The feathers of modern birds usually end at
the beak, but the ancestral eumaniraptors probably did not have beaks
(although I suppose that's somewhat controversial). The ancestral
avifiloplumans almost certainly lacked beaks, so there would have been
nothing to prevent feathery integument from going almost all the way
to the mouth.
Mike Keesey
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